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Expert Hand Surgery

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Quality. Compassionate. Genuine.

Expert care in Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery, the way you always wanted it.


Dr. Rubinstein works in Thousand Oaks, CA and specializes in Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery.  Wholehearted in his approach to care and serious about excellent results, Dr. Rubinstein believes a well-timed touch of levity and laughter can put patients at ease. He aims to educate patients, to clarify and demystify their conditions and treatments, so they can make good decisions with confidence. He believes that treatment strategies can and should be tailored to the individual’s needs and goals.  + Read More

Dr. Rubinstein
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What Patients Are Saying

Excellent doctor! Honest and skilled. Really  dedicated. He's done my carpal tunnels and my  girlfriend had her neck lift done. Amazing all around.

Dr. Rubinstein is my favorite doctor. When I came to him I thought I needed a specific procedure, because other surgeons in the area told me so, but they were way too expensive. He started by "backing up" and asking me what was bothersome to me (the list was long!). Then he took pictures and explained what he saw to me while we both looked at them together critically (he's really honest but always sensitive and kind). Then he made a plan that unified all my concerns, and lo and behold the plan was different that what I had heard before. Then he told me to think about it, and he referred me to some online resources and gave me some articles to read. I came back a month later and we talked it over and tweaked the plan a little and by the time of my surgery I knew everything to expect and had total faith in him. He did not disappoint. His work was phenomenal, and I hardly bruised! My recovery was not bad at all, and he followed me with so much attention to every detail. I felt like a VIP.

Dr. Rubenstein is excellent. He took care of my carpal tunnel in both hands, and a scar from a previous surgery that had become a constant annoyance. He is thorough, gentle, and informative. I highly recommend both the doctor and his staff.  All of them are competent at their jobs and really treated me well.


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Roee E. Rubinstein, M.D. | now in the Conejo Valley,

by way of Harvard, WashU, UPMC, and UCLA.


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